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Can good design set the stage for human interaction and community? That's Josh and Jessica Wright's big idea. The visionary pair behind Machinations joined host Chris McAdoo to discuss their vision for creating vertical neighborhoods through architecture that fosters community and social interaction....

Architect Josh Wright purposefully designed the Overlook for easy interaction between neighbors by providing generous balconies that are intended to act as front porches or stoops found in traditional neighborhoods....

Overlook - living room.png

There's no such thing as downtown Oak Ridge, but there's about to be. Plans have started to develop condos, apartments, and retail in what leaders hope will be the city's new and first downtown hub.....

It’s been almost seven months since I reported on the proposal to build a center city in Oak Ridge. The city, which unlike most cities in the world, did not develop organically. A hurriedly designed town was constructed to support war efforts in World War II, specifically, to help develop the atomic bomb. While one historic node centered at Jackson Square has survived and sometimes thrived, it has never developed as a residential, retail, and civic center for the city.
Several plans to build a more traditional downtown or city center have surfaced over the years. For various reasons none of those have been successful. The current master plan......

multistory rendering.webp

Two developers have submitted plans featuring apartments, businesses and a park area for an area near Oak Ridge's Wilson Street.
The Oak Ridge Land Bank manages the land involved. No decisions have been made yet, but Oak Ridge's Cappiello Real Estate and Knoxville's Machinations have submitted proposals.....


If we were betting people, we bet you love visiting Downtown Knoxville. Why not make it more permanent? Let us show you why you should live Downtown with our top 12 countdown (yes, we keep adding!). If we don’t convince you, well, we’ll still see you on the weekends!....

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